Donor Projects

Ser Jobs for Progress, Inc - 2002

Arranged the donation of 60 complete Pentium l 166 computer systems from Extreme Dream of Anaheim, CA.



Orphanage in Thailand - 2004

Currently negotiating donation of 10 complete Pentium ll 400 computer systems for an orphanage currently being considered in the Northeast of Thailand.  Donations again being offered by Extreme Dream of Anaheim, CA.

Pictures (When project completed) 


Royal University of Phenom Pehn

Currently negotiating the donation of Cisco internetworking equipment for the RUPP Cisco Networking Academy Lab. Donations of Routers and Switches to be offered by Overnight Networks.

Pictures (When project completed) 


Rural Education Program of Sri Lanka - 2004

Currently negotiating donations from Extreme Dream for computer systems to be donated to the Sri Lanka Government via The Fourth R computer school.

Pictures (When project completed) 




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