freeway traffic.JPG (497291 bytes)
Mid Day Traffic
rules.jpg (328337 bytes)
merlion.jpg (467093 bytes)
Merlion 2.JPG (462868 bytes)
sunset.jpg (427285 bytes)
Raffles Hotel.JPG (494526 bytes)
Raffles Hotel, which...
home of the Singapore Sling.JPG (390133 bytes) sister discovers is home to the Original Singapore Sling
little India street.JPG (523352 bytes)
Street Scene in Little India
little India police.JPG (540558 bytes)
Police in Little India
hired by John Chambers.JPG (500648 bytes)
More Police...Hired by John Chambers?!?
Indian temple.JPG (435016 bytes)
Temple in Little India
Indian temple ceiling.JPG (476601 bytes)
Temple Ceiling 
road trip.JPG (478541 bytes)
Road Trip!
Johore Bahru.JPG (426352 bytes)
To Johore Bahru
shopping mall.JPG (489106 bytes)
Shopping Mall in JB
gotta have a Ramly.JPG (387408 bytes)
When in Malaysia gotta have a Ramly!
American football YES.JPG (392162 bytes)
American football, YES!




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