Networkers Mexico City

View from inside an illegal taxi.JPG (366707 bytes)
We Have Arrived
Hipodromo de las Americas.JPG (513841 bytes)
The Hipodromo De Las Americas Complex
banner.jpg (449546 bytes)
Centro Banamex Convention Center
I thought registration was today.JPG (452518 bytes)
I thought registration was today...where is everybody?
View from the Networkers Hall.JPG (497662 bytes)
View from the Convention Center
Redken Convention Downstairs 2.JPG (441846 bytes)
Hey, there's a Redken show downstairs!
Redken Show downstairs.JPG (393906 bytes)
The Redken Show, Matrix Style
Welcome to Networkers Mexico City.JPG (391009 bytes)
Welcome to Networkers Mexico City
Which ones a router again.JPG (347559 bytes)
Which ones a router again?
My home labs better.JPG (366810 bytes)
My home lab's better than this...
I need one of these for my home lab.JPG (349910 bytes)
...but I do need one of theeeese!
And, if I pull on this.JPG (329437 bytes)
Close your eyes, here goes!
Wow, what a rack.JPG (340712 bytes)
Wow, what a rack
Your Basic Topology.JPG (427806 bytes)
Your Basic Topology
Ready for Lunch.JPG (486603 bytes)
Ready for Lunch
Serious Rainstorm.JPG (362929 bytes)
Serious Rainstorm
warming up.JPG (528129 bytes)
Warm Ups
And They'rrre Off!.JPG (481116 bytes)
And they'rrre off!
Sloppy Track.JPG (421472 bytes)
Sloppy Track
I'm from America, can I get better seats.JPG (405782 bytes)
Free Concert
I'm from America, can I get better seats 3.JPG (417810 bytes)
I'm from America, can I get better seats?
I'm from Americ, can I get better seats 2.JPG (363969 bytes)
These the best you got?!?
Cool Graphics.JPG (404615 bytes)
Cool Graphics
Party time with.JPG (399715 bytes)
Mexican Rock
Who said techies can't party.JPG (341345 bytes)
Who said techies can't party?
Who said techies can't party 2.JPG (302326 bytes)
Dancing to 
Yes, they can configure a router too.JPG (325356 bytes)
Yes, they can configure routers too.
Thank Cisco for the free drinks.JPG (273973 bytes)
Salud to Cisco for the free drinks!
Banner 2.JPG (492270 bytes)
Last look at the Cisco Banner
dsc00085.jpg (405261 bytes)
Thank you all for being here


Mexico City

Mexican Flag.JPG (469851 bytes)
Mexican Flag at Zocalo
plaza.jpg (466109 bytes)
Metropolitan Cathedral in Zocalo
Plaza 2.JPG (448683 bytes)
Zocalo at night.JPG (379682 bytes)
Zocalo at Night
Plaza 3.JPG (438911 bytes)
Metropolitan Cathedral
View from outside the Cathedral.JPG (382025 bytes)
View into the Cathedral
Cathedral.JPG (366516 bytes)
View Inside the Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral.JPG (386929 bytes)
View Inside the Cathedral
Christ in a case.JPG (391756 bytes)
Christ Image
Political Demonstration.JPG (506655 bytes)
Political Demonstration
Huelga, Huelga!.JPG (396531 bytes)
Political Demonstration
The Issues.JPG (504623 bytes)
The Issues
TV Coverage.JPG (390993 bytes)
TV Coverage
Old Architecture.JPG (473755 bytes)
Old Architecture
buildings are tilting.JPG (397002 bytes)
The buildings in Zocalo are sinking
graffiti.jpg (464845 bytes)
armed guard.JPG (467696 bytes)
Armed Guards

green beetle.JPG (541128 bytes)
The Green Beetle Taxis...slowly disapearing
Watch out for the illegal taxis.JPG (475260 bytes)
Beware of the Illegal Taxis
View from inside an illegal taxi 2.JPG (438755 bytes)
Inside an illegal taxi...could this be our last ride!?!
Would be offensive in the U.S..JPG (422952 bytes)
In the U.S. this would be "offensive"
Man cannot live on networking equipment alone.JPG (370648 bytes)
Man cannot live on internetworking equipment alone
park.jpg (508165 bytes)
View From Chapultepec Park
Too much fun.JPG (628096 bytes)
Too Much Fun!
Fountain 2.JPG (402975 bytes)
Diana Fountain on Paseo de la Reforma




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