Westwood College of Technology

NW 255 August Term 2004


Did I leave the iron on.JPG (282316 bytes)
Ok class, subnet the following IP... did I leave the iron on?
it works better when the books are opened.JPG (436020 bytes)
It works better when the books are open.
click here.JPG (448603 bytes)
Click here, now here, finally here. Ok, pizza's on its way!
I am the domain controller.JPG (488851 bytes)
I am the Domain Controller...all must bow down to me! ha,ha,ha!
serious students.JPG (441268 bytes)
Seeerious Students!!
hello...hes right behid you.JPG (451014 bytes)
Hello? Can you hear me? Turn off the games...he's right behind you!
The pizza won't go through the printer.JPG (330391 bytes)
This thing doesn't print on pizza!
first time he opens the book.JPG (233368 bytes)
That book looks awfully new!?!








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